A Thrill for Aerial Amateurs

Syma X5c, the best quad copter available in the market currently is distributed by syma toys which is one of the most popular RC makers in the toy RC segment. Syma has introduced more than 20 quad copters up to date and they are of pretty good quality. The product can be purchased from amazon for around $60 and is one of the best quad copters below $100. Quite valuable, right?

Syma X5c became the best-selling product for beginners and experienced aerialists. It is tough, easy to learn and equipped with plenty of features for its price point which makes it a user-friendly and of greater build quality.

Talking about the features of the product, it comes with a 6-Axis Gyroscope which enables precise hovering and provides a strong balance in the air. Apart from that, the product features a 360-degree eversion which makes it easy for the amateurs to control the quad copter. Syma X5c flies for a longer distance and for a longer duration with less interference than radio control. It also comes with a 2MP 720p HD camera for capturing quality videos and pictures from the air. The product consists of green and orange lights and helps you spot it at night.

The Syma X5c flies best in light to moderate wind conditions and gains extra maneuverability when the blades and camera are removed. It is graceful and responsive in the air and the spread spectrum system controls the battery life. It can fly for about 10 minutes or longer with the stock battery. In most cases, the battery drains out due to the carelessness in switching off the camera when not in use. It is fairly light weight especially without the blades and camera which makes it ideal only for a calm weather. This is absolutely the best pick for amateurs as it is easy to control and the best in quality.

The 2MP camera is moderately stable and allows you to capture 720p videos and good quality pictures. Usually, it comes with a 2GB micro SD card for easy transfer of data from the quad copter to external storage.These features make syma X5c the best quad copter available in the market. The LED lights are barely visible during the day time and that is the only drawback for this product. Overall, it is a great product for casual use by experienced fliers and the best pick for new aerialists. With its sleek design and various features, it provides a good experience to the users at a low cost.

A Thrill for Aerial Amateurs

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